Gas prices are higher these days

Have you noticed higher prices at the gas pumps lately?

It's summer.  So, that usually means you can count on gas prices being at their highest.  But compared to this time last year you're paying about 20 cents more per gallon.

Dawn Hickman compares them to a bad roller coaster ride. “It goes up, comes down a little bit, goes up a little bit more,” says Hickman.  

Lately, gas prices have been on a steady ride up the track. Just a week ago you were paying on average about $2.80 per gallon of regular gasoline. Today you're paying about 8 more cents than that. A steep incline that some of you say you're starting to notice.

The prices are expected to stay that way at least for the next couple of weeks. So remember use the a-c as little as possible, don't accelerate or break hard and keep your window closed. It increases your drag and decreases your fuel economy by up to 10 percent.

Marilyn Muir from AAA says it's about that time of year where prices usually peak. “A lot of it is due to the summer travel, and the summer travel means there's an increase in inventory for fuel,” says Muir.

 But there's relief in sight.  “I would say in the next few weeks we will be seeing a decline in prices especially after labor day weekend gets over.”  Until then many say it'll just be to and from. No special stops along the way. Looking at the gas prices around town Wednesday, the lowest price for regular gas was on the southwest part of town at $2.85. The highest was $2.99 in the northwest Lincoln.

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