Gas prices drop below two dollars

Posted By: Megan Conway

The next time you drive by a gas station, you might do a double take. In some places, prices are dropping to under two dollars a gallon. That was the situation at Andy’s Express on 33rd and Yankee Hill, and many customers couldn’t believe it.

“I feel like we’re going back in time a little bit. It’s 2015, but gas is under two bucks a gallon, so for a big pickup like I drive it’s kind of nice to see the price go down,” says Brian Brightman.

“I was kind of surprised when I came driving up the street and saw the electric sign said $1.99,” says Laura Lyons.

In fact, so many cars took advantage, the fuel at that price temporarily sold out, but will get more Friday morning. For the drivers able to snag the savings, the payoff really added up.

“It’s surprising to fill up and see it’s a lot less and that money does go a longer way,” says Brightman.

Depending on the vehicle, some customers said they noticed as much as a 30 dollar drop from when gas prices were at their peak. Andy’s Express says the main reason for their decrease was to stay competitive and take care of their customers.

“If the gas prices are dropping, we obviously want to pass the savings off to the customers. Bottom line is the consumer in America is happy about it and if the prices are going down we’re going to go down with them,” says Dennis Gosselin, manager at Andy’s Express.

According to Gas Buddy, the average price per gallon in Lincoln right now is about $2.20. With the price relying on many different factors, the station says they aren’t sure how long the prices will stay down.