Gas Prices Rising

A month ago, average gas prices across Nebraska were 6 cents lower than the pricing you are seeing right now. AAA says the average going price for unleaded gas is $2.12.

With prices at the pump on the rise it brings back bad memories. “I've noticed it's gone up, probably ten to fifteen cents in the last couple of months,” Bailey Rufsmeier said.

Last summer oil and gas prices hit all time highs. At one point unleaded fuel topped out at about 4.10 a gallon and diesel climbed to as high as 4.77 a gallon. The reason AAA says gas prices are on the rise right now is due to an increase in the demand for oil in China.

In turn pushing prices up in the U.S., even in Nebraska. “We just noticed that Nebraska is as expensive as LA, Las Vegas because New Mexico was pretty cheap, Texas was cheap… Missouri. This is the most expensive place, I think that we've ran into since we left LA,” Curtis Feliszik said.

AAA  says the trend is most likely not going to continue. They say prices won't be hitting the four dollar mark over the summer months but we should expect to see an increase. They predict you'll pay around 2-25 to 2-40 a gallon for unleaded gasoline.

“Our inventories right now are the heist they've been in 2 years so it should make the gas prices stabilize,” Marilyn Muir with AAA said.

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