Gay couple speaks out for equal rights, not marriage

By: Bill Schammert

It's a subject that's divided the nation as the Supreme Court is looking into two cases that could further define gay rights. But for one Lincoln couple, as long as those rights are equal, the definition doesn't matter.

Angle Blake and Laci Zobrist have been together for nearly three years.  The couple have two kids and all they want is equality.

“We are honestly just like a normal family,” Zobrist said.  “We have dinner every night, our kids go to school, they don't think anything is weird.”

They're a couple that wants tax, insurance and estate benefits like any other married couple.  But they don't want their future union to be defined as marriage.

“Marriage is definitely defined in the Bible as between a man and a woman,” Blake said.

“I just want to be able to be noticed and everyone to see it, just like everyone else,” Zobrist added.

The two are against labels of any kind.  In their words, all they are is a couple and a family.  Now, they want to be treated as such.

“If the whole argument is about redefining the term marriage, then just don't call it a marriage,” Blake said.

At the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice Ruth Ginsburg said same sex marriage seemed like a second-class system.

“Two kinds of marriage, the full marriage, and then this sort of skim milk marriage,” Ginsburg said.

In a month, Blake and Zobrist will promise to be a couple together forever in an official, unofficial ceremony.

Whether that union is ever officially recognized in the eyes of the highest court is yet to be determined.

The nine justices seemed divided over the issue of same-sex marriage, but united that perhaps the matter shouldn't even be before the court.

If they decide to make a ruling on Proposition 8 or the Defense of Marriage Act, it most likely won't come down until sometime this summer.

“We just want benefits like every other citizen and it all goes back to equal rights,” Zobrist said.