Get Out Alive

It's something you don't want to think about. Fire, racing through your home. When you're fast asleep. Most of you have smoke alarms which are essential in saving lives. Keep in mind, once that alarm goes off you have only about 1 to 2 minutes to get out alive. So we wondered, would your children know what to do if the smoke alarm went off while they were sleeping? Would they even hear it?

Using harmless smoke we put 10 year old Elyse and 9 year old Alex to the test. They knew we were going to do this, they just didn't know which night. Here's how it went: Elyse has been sleeping for about an hour now, when smoke begins to fill the house. The alarm goes off. Elyse doesn't move. 30 seconds go by, and then a minute. Still nothing. Finally at 2 minutes. Elyse's mom goes in to wake her up. Finally, Elyse makes it out her bedroom door and does crawl to the steps which is good. But, total time for her to get out the front door…4 minutes!! The experts say if this were a real fire it most likely would have been too late.

Across town we go to Alex's house. His parents are anxious to see what happens. Alex has also been asleep for about an hour. It's time to start the smoke machine. When the alarm goes off Alex wakes up, even notices our night-vision camera on his dresser but he doesn't get out of bed. The alarm then shut off for a few seconds. When it comes back on Alex gets under the covers. 2 minutes after the alarm goes off dad goes in.. Alex then remembers what he's suppose to do. He crawls out of the bedroom and makes his way safely to their meeting place outside. Total time to get out? 3 minutes.. Again that's too long if this were a real fire. For Alex, it was an eye-opening experience.

If you would like more information on fire safety and tips to share with your children, log onto this interactive website.

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