G.I. Woman Killed In Police Shootout

A woman was shot and killed by police Saturday after a pursuit in Grand Island. She has been identified as 36-year old Marsha Clare Carllson, also known as Marsha Elsing. Police say Carllson walked into the Humane Society in Grand Island…they say she was waving a gun and looking for her dog.  Minutes later she took off in her car…and police baracaded this intersection. Police say the vehicles crashed into a police car and struck a police car sending it several feet. They say the shooting victim jumped out of her car and pointed her gun at police. That's when police say several officers on duty shot her several times. Some nearby residents witnessed the entire thing. Police say officers attempted to use a stun-gun on Carllson…but as soon as she raised her weapon, they fired several rounds.  Just how many shot were fired is not being released at this time. Officers say when there is a threat of deadly force they respond to the threat until it's over.