Governor expected to veto sales tax bill

By: Ashley Harding

Should you be allowed to decide whether your local sales tax goes up? The governor is expected to veto a bill that would do just that. Some state and local leaders say that a slight increase, up to half of a cent, will help all cities in the future.

The bill has already passed, but the governor is expected to veto it. Now some are asking lawmakers to override his veto.

Newer, better roads, sidewalk repairs, more fire stations, these are just a few items on the wish list for the city of Lincoln. No doubt other cities in the state have similar ideas and according to local and state officials, there's a simple way to make those ideas a reality.

Give voters the option of increasing their local sales tax, up to half a cent. “Let's get this vote done and move on and make our state even greater than it is,” said Senator Brad Ashford, who introduced the bill.

WIth a final vote of thirty to fifteen, the bill already has the approval to move forward. If it does, local and state officials say that extra money could go to funding projects which would undoubtedly help Nebraska's municipalities move into the future.

However, one very important person is not on the board. “It doesn't make sense. So, again, when that reaches my desk, I'm going to veto it. I hope the Legislature will reconsider,” said Governor Heineman.

Having that in mind, some lawmakers are hoping others will join in the fight to override the governor's veto. Lincoln Mayor, Chris Beutler, says if they succeed and the bill becomes law, he'll work toward cutting down on property taxes.

He also says it's about putting choices back into the hands of the people.  “This bill is great affirmation of true democracy. It is saying you are smart enough to know what you want to do here,” said Beutler.

The bill needs thirty votes to override the governor's veto. It'll be up for voting next week. If they succeed, you the voter would have the final say.