Golf courses listening session

By: Jenn Hatcher

The Lincoln Municipal Golf Advisory Committee invited the public to a listening session Wednesday night.

They asked local golf enthusiast to share comments and suggestions regarding the Lincoln City Golf Sustainability Study completed by the National Golf Foundation.

The study recommendations modifying the fee structure, improving the courses, increasing marketing efforts and modifying the management system. 

Privatizing the courses is something many of the people attending the session are against.

“We'd hate to see a management team; I think it's a terrible step backwards.  I think it'd be much better leaving the pro's in place,” says Matt Herman, who spoke at the podium. 

Golf Advisory Committee Chair Clancy Woolman said three subcommittees have been formed to review the findings and recommendations of the study. 

The committee's goal is to forward its recommendations to the Mayor and City Council by the end of the year. 

“It's important that golfers have an opportunity to review and comment on the study and help shape the future direction for the City golf program,” Woolman said.