Golf tournament raises money for Charlie’s House

Posted by: Abigail Wood

Sunday’s golf tournament at Wilderness Ridge had a lot of support, and all because if it’s remarkable host. There’s a lot of things you should know about 31-year-old Charlie Wilson. He’s been to Vegas twice, he loves concerts, and he’s ridden in a race car. He also has cerebral palsy, but even though he needs help doing everyday tasks, he is determined to live on his own. When he turned 22 years ago and saw his sisters move out of the house, he wanted to leave as well.

"And I said: ‘I just don’t think I can let you move away from me honey’, and he said, ‘do you want to live with your mother for the rest of your life?’" said his mother, Patty Wilson.

That’s where the idea for Charlie Wilson’s House started. It’s a home where he and two other men with similar disabilities can live with more independence.
"I just wanted the perfect house for him, and when I started thinking about that I thought, well there’s got to be other boys that need this exact home," Patty said.

She started fundraising by selling pies. As word of Charlie’s story spread, donations came pouring in…enough to complete the home in 2008. This is the first golf fundraiser they’ve had since its completion. 

"The house is already 11 years old, so things are starting to break down, and the boys are needing extra things," she said.

They’re shooting for $10,000.

"We all wanted to be here to do whatever we could do to not only help support them monetarily but to help support them just in getting awareness out there about the Charlie Wilson House," said friend of the family Felicia Hazen.

Family and friends say they’re inspired by the way Charlie lives his life. Charlie says he’s just thankful to see them all there. 

 "Thank you for all the support," Charlie said.

If you want to give, here’s a link to their gofundme page.