Golfing for a cause

More than 60 people showed up to golf and support the Charlie Wilson House.

Those supporting a cause tee’d off at Wilderness Ridge Sunday morning.

Patty Wilson, founder of Charlie Wilson’s House said, "It’s so exciting for us, it means so much, that all these people came out to support us."

It’s all in an effort to get a new wheelchair accessible van for Charlie’s House, a local nonprofit that houses adults with disabilities.

"Our main goal for this year, is we need to buy a van with a lift that will hold two handicap wheelchairs," said Wilson

Patty Wilson started the home 10 years ago to help here son, Charlie, who has Cerebral Palsy, live a more normal life. She says for people with physical disabilities everyday tasks can be difficult.

"To Realize how hard it is for individuals in wheelchairs to navigate, go to work, to just do normal everyday things," said Wilson

Charlie added, "We’re normal people, that do everything you guys do."

So far, this year they’ve raised $8,000 of their $30,000 goal. Sunday’s golf tournament at Wilderness Ridge is expected to raise at least $4,000 more.

Chris Thomson, PGA Director of Golf at Wilderness Ridge says, "This is an amazing turnout for a nine hole event, 60 players, you know, you’re doubling up on a lot of holes. There’s a tremendous amount of support that they’ve gotten for this tournament. So, it’s a really great cause."

Another major message Charlie wants to get across, is they’re just like you. Despite having a disability, they still have goals and aspirations. This tournament and its 18 sponsors, are helping accomplish those dreams.

Thomson said, "You know, I love doing what I do. I’m blessed everyday I get up and go to work, and absolutely love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the World."

This is the second year they’ve held the golf tournament at Wilderness Ridge. They say if you want to donate to send it by mail to Charlies House.