Goodyear Strikers Celebrate Thanksgiving

Some Goodyear workers spent the Thanksgiving holiday on the picket line. The strike started 7 weeks ago.  And no sign of either side getting any closer to a compromise. But those workers striking were not forgotten.  

The smell of turkey, mashed potatoes, and lots and lots of gooey desserts filled the air at none other than Lincoln's Goodyear plant. Goodyear strikers are making the best of their turkey day.  They set up the ultimate union strikers camp site. Televised football game included. 

All strikers and their families will be able to fill up on thanksgiving dinner around the clock until noon tomorrow.   Volunteers say these hard times are making money tight for union workers especially during the holidays. The Teamsters organization donated over fifty turkeys to Goodyear employees.  Other donations were also made making it possible to feed union workers.   

Employees say they would much rather be back to work instead of striking. They also say even in these hard times they still have a lot to be thankful for.   

Goodyear employees also say they're determined to hold out one day longer than the company. They say they're striking on Thanksgiving and if they have to, are prepared to strike on Christmas Day as well.