GOP Candidates Gear Up for Elections

It's all up to the voters as they head to the polls to choose their picks in the primary election. A close republican gubernatorial race is projected between governor Dave Heineman and challenger Tom Osborne.

Omaha businessman Dave Nabity is also seeking that nomination. Governor Heineman went to the polls this morning at the women's club in downtown Lincoln. A recent poll showed Heineman with a slight edge over Osborne.. The governor says he has a lot of supporters who will get to the polls.

The democratic challengers in the race for governor are David Hahn and Glenn Boot Jr…

Republican candidate Tom Osborne spent this morning doing some last minute campaigning. In a news conference, Attorney General Jon Bruning and several Nebraska law enforcement endorsed Osborne. Osborne say's he is ready for today's election and say's he is feeling good about his campaign. Osborne and his party will be at the embassy suites tonight as the election results come in.