Gov. Heineman applies for NU presidency

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Gov. Dave Heineman is hoping to trade in his governor title for a new one, President of the University of Nebraska.

“Yesterday I notified the University of Nebraska Board of Regents that I would like to be considered and selected to become the next President of the University of Nebraska,” he said.

The governor is not the only candidate in the race.

“This is a fair and competitive process and the Board of Regents seeks and welcomes the candidacy of any person, including the governor, who believes he or she has the qualifications and experiences necessary to effectively lead the University of Nebraska. Our objective is to seek, vet, and hire the most qualified candidate,” Howard Hawks, Board of Regents chairman, released in statement Wednesday morning.

“I believe I will be held to a higher level of scrutiny and higher expectations,” Heineman said.

The governor said despite not having a masters or doctorates degree, he still believes he’s qualified for the job. The committee is most likely to announce the top four candidates for the position by the end of the year.

In his letter to the board, the governor states his top priorities which are affordable tuition rates, increasing research activity, maximizing philanthropic support, and reaching out to the faculty of the university.

“The real goal is to win the national championship every day in the classroom and the key to that is to recruit and retain outstanding faculty,” Heineman said.

Gov. Heineman’s request to meet one-on-one with any members of the board has been denied. They’re not sure right now of a time frame on when they’ll  have a decision finalized.