Gov. Heineman swears in new Adjutant General

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Hundreds of soldiers stood in formation to honor the new Nebraska Adjutant General, Daryl Bohac.

A position selected by Gov. Heineman.

“I'd have to confess that when the governor called me to say I was going to be the next adjutant general, I did a little fist pump,” Bohac said.

A proud moment for the Waverly native who never thought he'd get this far.

“Having served in the Nebraska National Guard for 31 years, you don't start out thinking you're going to get here, but at some point it becomes possible. I'm really humbled by this,” he said.

Bohac's predecessor says he thinks the main concern will be working with soldiers from the 9/11 generation.

“As the operations overseas come to a close, we need to figure out a way to continue to engage our soldiers and airmen in meaningful training and show them their contributions have value and impact,” Maj. Gen. Judd Lyons said.

And as Lyons passes the torch to Bohac, Bohac says it's his loved ones that will keep him motivated.

“Family is so incredibly important to what we do that to have this group with me makes it quite special,” he said.