Gov. Rickett’s Title X budget plans

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

The Governor said he wants to see Nebraska’s money going to place that don’t offer abortions. On Tuesday, Gov. Ricketts addressed the Nebraska state budget and is starting to call for some changes to Title X. Title X is the article that helps fund major health clinics here in Nebraska including Planned Parenthood. 

Gov. Ricketts stated, "Nebraska is a pro–life state and our budget should reflect out values, and so what we are saying is that we want these dollars that are coming through the Title X program, to be able to go to healthcare clinics that separate out abortions their not doing abortions."

But Gov. Pete Ricketts says the changes he’s proposing would not be major, “The traditional way will continue to work if an organization applies for these dollars and again as long as they are not using it for abortions they any organization can apply."

In defense, Planned Parenthood feels like they’re being directly attacked by the Governor. 

Meg Mikolajczyk associate general counsel and senior public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland spoke and said, "He’s seeking to exclude anyone who provides abortion from the program which is a direct attack on Planned Parenthood and the 8,000 patients that would lose their service under this little proposal."

Mikolajczyk also added that this conversation is eerily similar to recent talks at the Capitol,  "I think it’s ironic that the governor announced this yesterday the same day that the Nebraska legislature spent literally hours debating Nebraskans right to make choices about their own bodies regardless of how we feel about those choices in the context of the helmet debate."

Tomorrow is the State of the State address, where the Governor will talk about his plans for Nebraska in the upcoming year, which may include more details about Title X.