Governor Heineman assesses flood damage

Governor Dave Heineman gave an exclusive interview to Channel 8 Eyewitness News about the flooding throughout the state Tuesday evening.

The governor was in Schuyler earlier in the day, where the community is cleaning up after waters hit the city's worst flood stage.  He says, “the waters are receding.  The biggest challenge is that many homes in the Schuyler area have water in their basement, so they want to get that out.  They had more than 200 volunteers laying 36,000 sand.  The volunteers there did a marvelous job.”

 About 200 homes and businesses in Schuyler were damaged.

Northwest of Schuyler, in the small town of Clearwater, about 100 homes have been damaged by flooding.

Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy flew over the rising waters in Clearwater, Stanton, Norfolk and Ewing.  Governor Heineman says, “the Elkhorn and Platte rivers are proceeding east toward the Waterloo area, all the way down to Plattsmouth and possibly further into Southeast Nebraska, so that's what we'll be watching over the next 48 hours.”

The governor says state Emergency Management officials are working around the clock and while the worst may not be over, he's proud Nebraska communities are united in their effort to control the damage.  “I want Nebraskans to know how many citizens have helped each other, like we always do in time of crisis.”

The governor says after the waters recede across the state, they'll evaluate the damage and then decide whether to apply for federal funding to help clean up.