Governor Heineman Speaks Out About Stimulus

Governor Heineman is back in Nebraska after spending the past few days at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C. Now we're hearing more about his trip. 

We sat down with Governor Heineman Tuesday afternoon and he told us his weekend in Washington was exciting. He was able to meet with President Obama and Governors from around the country, one of the major topics they discussed, the economy.

The governor told us he believes our statewide economy is far better off than most states around the country. He says all you have to do is look at our unemployment rate which is significantly lower than many states around the country. But even though we're better off, the Governor does still say the money we'll receive thanks to the 787-billion dollar stimulus plan will help make sure we're economically stable.

He told us he reiterated the package's importance to the other Governors he met with, especially the ones who say they'll refuse any money.

“If you're doing roads projects bridges your creating jobs putting people back to work even in nebraska we want to do it. I hope we lower partisan rhetoric and lets focus on what unites us as a nation that's about job creation about tax relief its helping American families,” Governor Heineman said.

Governor Heineman was also able to speak to President Obama one on one.