Governor Johanns Unveils Program That Could Greatly help Nebraska During Emergencies.

Ten states, including Nebraska, are working on a plan to pool their resources in the event of a bio-terrorism attack. And even if that attack never comes, the plan could still have a big impact on the state. The program will be the first of it's kind in the nation, and it's all about being better prepared for emergencies.

The threat of bio terrorism is a scary thought. It's on the minds of state health leaders from across the midwest. Wednesday, Governor Mike Johanns announced a plan to develop a multi state alliance that would pool resources. Ambulances, research labs, and manpower from a ten state region would now be able to help each other in the event of an emergency.

The alliance would also create a public health preparedness center in Omaha where states would develop emergency plans. And with the deadly possibilities of flu and the West Nile virus, health officials say the time to prepare is now.

There isn't a set timeline for when the ten-state alliance will be in place but Governor Johanns hinted that he'd like to see it done before his term as governor ends..