Governor Puts Together Task Force Together to Address Child Welfare

Governor Mike Johanns told task force members Thursday to pick the child welfare system apart. He made the comments at their first meeting Thursday afternoon.

It's part of an attempt to come up with a way to prevent the high number of child deaths in our state. Channel eight eyewitness news reporter April hill has more. Lancaster County Attorney Gary Lacy is the task force co-chair. He says they are looking at several ideas to take to the legislature. One of them talks about parents who have been convicted of a crime against a child. Right now, if the offender has other children, the law doesn't reach them.

It's just one of the issues the task force is addressing. They are also trying to figure out how to best work with each other to get the job done. With so many different agencies in one room, the Governor started off the meeting by giving them an assignment.

The task force doesn't have much time. The Governor wants recommendations by January in time for legislation to be introduced.