Governor Ricketts delivered good news about Nebraska’s unemployment program

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. The governor and the Nebraska Labor Commissioner held a discussion today about the impact of Nebraska’s unemployment insurance tax on the state’s job creators.

"One of the goals of my administration is to reduce the tax burden on Nebraskans." Said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

Last year Nebraska introduced the first-in-the-nation Reemployment Program. This is a unique program to help those unemployed find work sooner by going through job search orientation sessions, and having a job coach create resumes and identify work opportunities. Ricketts says this program is aimed at saving money for the state on unemployment. He says this year we’ve paid out 13.4 million dollars fewer in claims than last year even as unemployment has increased slightly.

"We project that companies will spend 17.6 million dollars less next year in 2017 than they spent this year… And that is money that then can be reinvested and be used to create more jobs and grow Nebraska." Ricketts Said

The reemployment program is designed to give unemployed individuals the one-on-one assistance they need to successfully transition into the workforce. Nebraska Labor Commissioner John Albin says one of the main goals is to help companies save on unemployment tax.

"We’re really happy to administer this program which represents a win-win. Claimants are re-employed more quickly and employers end up paying less taxes." Said John Albin, Nebraska Labor Commissioner

Albin says this program does not take away or reduce unemployment benefits but rather get people back to the workforce quicker. He also says the only change in our system this year is the implementation of the Reemployment Program, which he believes is the primary driver of the money saved.

The tax foundation rates Nebraska’s system for unemployment as the most equitable in the country.