Governor speaks out about potential Big 10 move

A lot of people think Nebraska will go to the Big 10. Whether that happens or not, all eyes will be on the University Friday.

Even Governor Heineman is keeping a close eye on the Big 10 discussions. He says he has complete confidence that Coach Osborne and Chancellor Perlman will make the right decision, whatever it may be.

Some of Nebraska's most faithful followers are still waiting to see what happens..while University officials contemplate making a conference change possibly moving out of the Big XII .

Governor Dave Heineman says it's a big issue for the University and the state of Nebraska but it's not a decision he has to make. “I trust Coach Osborne, he knows and understands athletics he can think into the future into what would be best for the state of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska,” Heineman said.

Heineman says he can see pros and cons in both of the options.  Moving into the Big 10 offers new opportunities in academics, research and athletics but he also gave credit to the Big XII conference for paving the way for UNL's success.

“We are in the position we are in because of the strength of our athletic and academic program an the University of Nebraska we should be proud of that lets just let this unfold and we'll se what happens….the Big XII has been a great conference but then again things don't last forever either,” The Governor said.

Again, a decision is expected to be made Friday. Heineman says if the move does happen he doesn't expect it to hurt relations with neighboring states but he did receive calls from state leaders in and understands their concerns.