Governor tours flood damage

Governor Dave Heineman got a bird's eye view of the devastation near the Platte and Missouri rivers Tuesday afternoon.

After a helicopter ride over eastern Nebraska, the governor says the South Sioux City area is less of a concern than it once was.  “It's actually a little bit lower than  what we saw a week or ten days ago because of the way it's clearing out.  They feel very well prepared.  As we move further south, to Decatur all the way down to Blair, we saw more farmland that was flooded this time than we've seen previously.”

The problem is expected to continue into Omaha.  If the area sees any more substantial rain. it could mean a foul smell from sewer systems.

Governor Heineman also spoke about levees protecting communities along the Mighty Mo from it's raging waters.  “Most of those levee structures out there were designed for a surge.  For three or four days and then the water would back off.  We are looking at a structure where those levees are going to have to withstand that pressure from the water in all likelihood for two or three months.”

Officials touring the flood damage today say they're not thinking about clean up costs yet.  Heineman says,  “The first priority is the lives of our citizens, the protection of our property, the protection of our critical infrastructure.  This is why you have a governor's emergency fund.