Graffiti Fundraiser

A group of near south residents are cleaning up their neighborhood, but they're doing it in honor of a very special man who's battled much more than graffiti…He's battled cancer.

William carver has always been passionate about cleaning up his neighborhood and helping the community. And now after his battle with cancer it's the community's turn to help him. William carver calls graffiti an issue near and dear to his heart. As he puts it: “I practiced what I preached long before I preached it.”

All three times he's been a graffiti victim… He made sure to clean it right up. “I know the importance of removing it. If it's not removed it's gonna attract more other forms of crime. It gives people an unsafe feeling in the neighborhood.”

William worked as Lincoln's graffiti prevention coordinator, up until a life changing diagnosis last fall, tongue cancer. He went through radiation and chemo with his wife Coralee by his side. She says the hardest part was not being able to do anything. “just having to sit back and watch him having to go through the things he had to go through, and not be able to take it away, she says.”

These days William can't be out there himself.  So his friends and family have picked up the paintbrushes in his honor.  William is now cancer free and the city is much more graffiti free.  Now 99 percent is cleaned up within about two weeks.  A process that will keep improving just like William's health. “I have months of recovery yet to go. I'm trying to get my health back, my energy, my weight, my speech is difficult to deal with. But, I'm going to persevere and overcome it.”

William is now back to working short days at his job.  He of course wanted to thank everyone who has supported him and his wife. His wife says she's just glad they can really grow old together now that he's better.  William and his wife have a fund set up at any US bank.