Graffiti Still Problem In Near South Neighborhood

You may remember a story we brought you several weeks ago, boys ages 12 and 13 arrested for spray painting nearly a half a dozen buildings in the near South neighborhood.

Well, residents who live in the area are not only complaining about the eyesore the graffiti caused, but the fact the city has an ordinance that says property owners have to clean it up themselves.

Back in 2006 the city passed an ordinance making the property owner resposible for vandalism to they're property, some say they're being victimized twice.

Mike Weddle doesn't own any property in the near South neighborhood, but he works for a man who does.

He Says “We got a letter from some subsidiary of the city painted it and then somebody did it again…”

Weddle is the mainentance man, and says in the last year he's had to clean and paint about five different properties.

“If they do a garage you have to paint the whole side, (it costs) maybe a 150 to 175 dollars per incident…”

That's the problem according people who live in the area, the city expects them not only to clean it up, within fifteen days or else.

But they also expects them to pay for it.

Mayoral Aide Jon Carlson says the graffiti has to be cleared, but agrees the ordinance needs work.

He says “when you're a victim the last thing you want is to get a letter saying now you're in trouble…we want to connect them with resources that help them get it cleared.”

And the city is already working on changing the law, but even with a plan to help, some residents says it shouldn't be their problem.

Something they're actually considering as part of the punnishment for vandals.

They do realize the ordinance has problems so it's not exactly strictly enforced.

In fact if you don't get graffiti cleared, it's nothing more than a public nuisance.