Grand Island Central Catholic to drug test students

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

(KHGI) — A local Grand Island school is now testing its students for drugs.

During Christmas break, Grand Island Central Catholic announced to their students that they would begin random drug tests.

Principal Kristen Klein says it is to aid in the wellness and safety of their students.

This year the Grand Island Catholic School Board approved testing of students in grades 8-12.

If the parents and students disapprove of this, they can’t opt out.

"Well it’s a school policy, and something that makes us a little different as a private school is that we are testing all of our students. You don’t have the option to opt out of it,” Klein said.

The screening will involve a urine test that will be done privately under the direction of the school nurse and one gender appropriate faculty member.

The students will not know when or if they will be tested.

"It will just be hit or miss and on different days, different times and different number of kids each time," Steve Osborn said.

One parent says this will benefit the students and teach them not to take drugs.

"It’s just something that I think that is going to help kids make good choices in today’s world, because there is so many temptations in today’s world,” Susan Toner said.

GICC will pay for the tests, but for follow-ups, the parents have to pay $35.

Students who fail the test will be given three chances.

After the first failed test there will be a meeting at the school; for the second the student must complete chemical dependency screening; and with the third the student may face being kicked out of school.

If that is the case, GICC will offer counseling.

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