Grand Island Company Will Employee 300

Grand Island is one of two places nationwide that could become the home of a new manufacturing plant.

But there still lies some mystery over who or what may be coming.  

Someone is considering building some type of manufacturing plant in Grand Island.

Officials there have signed a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from going into too much detail about the project.

But they do say it has the potential to give a big boost to the local economy.

Now it's a cornfield.

But it could soon house a 320-thousand square foot manufacturinig plant.

The Grand Island area economic development corporation, says those fiscal benefits would be great.

The unnamed company would build the plant on the 165 acre field.

At minimum they'd employ 300 employees.

And part of the nearby railroad track would be extended to serve the facility.

It's a $70 million investment for the company, which could be in Nebraska sooner rather than later.

The plant could land in either Grand Island or a location possibly in Kansas.

The company's goal, to be open by June 2009.

Part of the growth nearby residents want to see.

If they do end up choosing Grand Island, construction could begin in just a matter of weeks.