Grand Island Family Remembers Murder Victim

A Grand Island man is dead after being shot in the head.

It happened around 3:00 AM Thursday morning in the Autmnwood Apartments in East Grand Island near Highway 30.

One person is in custody.

The victim's family members  say they are still devastated over the loss of their loved one, and don't know why he was targeted.

24 year old Nyual Majak was shot and killed Thursday morning.

His family are in mourning, including his father who you see here, he wanted to share some words about his son…but got too choked up.

His cousin, James Deng says, “this young boy was very intelligent.  He was a basketball player, soccer player, swimmer.  We did a lot of things together, so I'll miss him.”

Nyal's roommate was shot in the foot and stabbed in the arm.  He's expected to be okay physically, but emotionally, he's not so sure.”

Nyal worked at the Swift Meatpacking Plant and had only been in Grand Island for a few months.

His friend, Santino Ajak says he knows him from Sudan.  “We were in the same area together and we work together.  It's a big loss for us.”

It's a close knit community here, many of the residents are immigrants from Sudan, and have become family here in Grand Island.

They say crime is a regular thing in this area, but hope that after this, it comes to a stop.

“We miss him a lot.  He's one of our community.  What happened today, we don't want to happen anymore in our community. “

So far, one man, Mohamed Abdulkadir is in custody, however, no charges have been filed.  The county attorney says they are waiting until their investigation is complete.