Grand Island Stand-Off Ends In Gruesome Suicide

A lengthy stand-off held Grand Island Police and the State Patrol SWAT team at bay for nearly 7 hours, before it ended in one Grand Island man killing himself. Tuesday night, Grand Island Police were trying to arrest 40-year-old Paul Smidt on a federal warrant for felony possession of a fire arm. When authorities arrived, they say Smidt was armed with a chain saw and refused to let officers inside the barricaded bathroom of his lawn care business. The stand-off ended when Smidt turned the chain saw on himself

Just two months ago, Smidt was involved in a similar stand-off. Police and SWAT Team units were called his home. Inside, he was holding his estranged wife Lois Smidt, at gunpoint. She later escaped, while authorities used K9 units to bring Smidt into custody.

A grand jury will now investigate Smidt's death, which is required under state law.