Grand Island’s record breaking blizzard

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

The city of Grand Island is still dealing with a historic blizzard earlier this week.

It was pounded with more than 18 inches of snow.

It created  quite a headache not only for clean up crews, but also homeowners.

Many homes still haven’t completely removed it.

Homeowner Ken Buck said the snow was up to his knees and it was all hands on deck to clear it.

"It’s wet. It’s a real wet show a heavy snow if you had to scoop it. It would break your back,” Homeowner Ken Buck said.

The snow also created problems for first responders like the city’s firefighters.

They had trouble getting around just like everyone else.

Its chief says several of fire trucks were getting stuck in the snow and needed snow plows to escort  them.

It even has slowed down response time.

Grand Island Fire Chief Cory Schmidt said the few days have been a challenge.

"The snow this time proved to be very deep and difficult to travel through, so we actually had to have the help of public works,” Grand Island Fire Chief Cory Schmidt said.

The city is still working on plowing the streets.

It’s slowly getting back to a normal routine although schools have been closed most of the week.

Grand Island’s Emergency Management Director Jon Rosenlund said crews are working to clear at least one lane of traffic on some of their roads.

He asks for residents’ patience during this clean up process.

"This is a major, major snow storm that will not be cleared in the same type of time frame that we’re used to 3 to 4 to 6 inch snow storm,” Grand Island Emergency Management Director Jon Rosenlund said.

This week’s blizzard brought grand island its 2nd biggest snowfall on record.

What’s the biggest?

The city got 21 inches in 2006.