Greenland Inn loses roof in storm

A hotel in Greenwood, which is just west of Lincoln, saw damage after storms blew through Monday night.

A hotel near the Ashland interchange on 1-80 lost its roof.  Witnesses say they can only describe it as a tornado and that it happened in a matter of moments.

Mina Panchal hid with her hotel guests in the office waiting for the worst to be over.

She describes how she reacted when they came out and saw the damage “I'm crying, 'Oh my God.  It's gone, everything is gone.'”

the roof completely blew off in a huge gust of swirling rain and hail.  Now, most of the roof is behind the hotel from the force of 80 mile-per-hour winds.

Mina's husband checked the second floor after it happened and, luckily, no guests were in their upstairs rooms at the time.  Annette Jensen would have been if the storm hadn't held her up on her commute back from her construction work site.  She says, “I cried a little bit in my car when I pulled up, just thinking I didn't want anybody to get hurt.  It could have been any of us up there.”

Mina and her husband recently remodeled the inn off of 1–80 in Greenwood and also live there.

She says knowing all their hard work was whipped away in a matter of moments, is hard for her to think about.  “I just remodeled and everything, but it's okay.  Everybody is safe.”

State Patrol was on scene.  Mina's family is working to help guests relocate and are mostly thankful no one was hurt.