Group emphasizes water safety during a deadly summer

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Already this summer, the water has been deadly for some Nebraskans. Sunday, one group was out trying to prevent any more deaths because, as they say, summer is only half over.

At least six people have already drowned this summer in Nebraska. One of those, a child at an apartment complex pool in Omaha. There was also a near death case in Lincoln's backyard just a few weeks ago.

Kim Teeters says making sure her kids know what could happen is key to keeping them safe. Teeters says, “Really make sure we're in tune with out water safety-accidents can happen so quick. Little ones just don't grasp the concept of just how dangerous water can be.”

In 2008, Joshua Collingsworth drowned at two-years-old with his family only a few feet away. After the tragic death, his parents took a stand. The “Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Fund” teaches people how to be safe near the water and stop something so horrible from happening again.

Sunday, the group was at it one more time. Josh the Otter stopped by to teach kids and parents what to do around water.

Vicki Newman says, “I think all of us no matter what age you are start thinking you're indestructible. And I think we start getting just very casual with it and then that's how accidents happen.”

The memorial fund and co-sponsors wanted to remind people one more time that summer isn't over. People are still swimming and everyone still needs to be careful. 80% of most drowning deaths are adult males.

Newman says, “Getting that in the forefront of people's minds again and saying, it can happen at any time to anybody.”