Group Meets to Discuss Domestic Violence Study

After seeing more and more African American women in shelters, and more African American men going to jail for the crime, a group in Lincoln decided to get to the bottom of the situation. They conducted a study and their findings were released Thursday night. In that study, African American women talked to other African American women about the subject of domestic violence. Their goal was simply to find a way to help stop it.

The researchers talked to nearly 50 African American women in the Lincoln area who were close to or victims of domestic violence. They found, the women were afraid to talk about it and there weren't enough service organizations realizing that. The Rape Spouse Abuse Crisis Center is already responding to the report. They now offer a support group, tailored specifically to the needs of African American women. If you're interested in attending the support group, they meet every Wednesday from 5:45-7 at the Rape Spouse Abuse Crisis Center.