Group publicly supports Senator Elizabeth Warren

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Together, members of the Lincoln community read Coretta Scott King’s take down letter of Jeff Sessions.

The 1986 message outlines King’s objections to him.

King writes:

"Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens."

Word for word, the crowd finished what Senator Elizabeth Warren couldn’t earlier this week. She was silenced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday.

Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General the following Wednesday.

"I was horrified," Wendy Hines, event organizer, said.

McConnell said, quoting King technically put Warren in violation of senate rules for "impugning the motives" of Sessions.

McConnell says he warned Warren to stop but, “nevertheless she persisted”.

His words became a phrase critics turned into a political statement.

It was shared proud at Sunday evening’s vigil.

"She was totally in the right, and weather he knew it or not, I think Mitch McConnell gave us the rally cry we needed "nevertheless she persisted", and as mothers and grandmothers now we are going to persist," Susan Ellis, supports Sen. Warren, said.

A local group called Stand Up, Speak Out organized the event.

They say it’s our responsibility to speak up when other can’t.

"She said important things about Jeff Sessions and things that the Senate should have heard about him before they appointed him," Hines, said.

The crowd hoped that reading the letter publicly will send a message to the newly confirmed Attorney General.