Group Took to the Pavement for Domestic Assault

 By: Sabrina Ahmed 

One in four women in Lincoln are victims of domestic violence. It's an alarming number and the reason why one organization was knocking on doors today, raising more than awareness.

The friendship home is the city's only women's only domestic assault shelter. Today, they took to the pavement to collect change.

You may have encountered something like this Sunday afternoon…

“We're taking donations for the safe quarters for the friendship home.”

1,200 volunteers walked the streets of Lincoln, knocking on doors and asking for donations.

Some people threw in a little change, others wrote pretty big checks.

No matter the amount, safe quarters for the Friendship Home would take what they could get.

One group of volunteers was there because of Amy Vajgrt, coordinator at the Friendship Home.

“Domestic violence overcomes our whole community and it's so important that we all are aware of what is going on behind closed doors and what we're here to support people,” Vajgrt said.

The Friendship Home helps 1,600 victims every year, both women and children.  The home is always full!

Tracy Hofmann says the reaction from the community is overwhelming every year.

“The kid will come to the door with his bucket full of change and he says, 'I've been waiting all year for you,'” Hofmann said.

And without people in the community caring, their $125,000 goal for this day would never be met.

“We need your help. we need your support. we need you to be advocates of those victims of domestic violence because they're out there every day and they are hurting and they need our help,” Hofmann said. 

If the volunteers missed your house and you want to give, donations are being accepted at any Union Bank location until the end of October. The group raised roughly $106,000 Sunday.