Growth, Improved Mechanics Have Martinez Ready for Camp

Posted by: Sports

Nebraska junior quarterback Taylor Martinez addressed the media on Friday as he and the Huskers prepare for fall camp to commence on Saturday.

On the new uniforms
“I love them. I've known what they were going to look like for a while, so I actually really like them. I wish they were black, but oh well.”

On the benefits of the Manning Camp
“It helped me out a lot. I love the Manning family. They are a great family. Going out there and helping little kids and stuff from ages 8 to seniors in high school, we coached them a lot. The Mannings helped us out a lot, so it was a really good camp.”

On what he took from that experience specifically
“I met a lot of other college quarterbacks and got to teach the other quarterbacks what I've learned from the Mannings and what I've learned from Coach (Tim) Beck and all the other coaches here and my high school coaches.”

On what will help him with the offense just by being in his second year
“I'm more comfortable and more knowing what our game plan is. Last year we kind of switched it up a lot and we really didn't know what Coach Beck wanted early on in the games. We really didn't know how to prepare for them and a lot of times when we went into a game, we had to change up our game plan. We know what defenses are going to give us this year, so it's a lot better for us and Coach Beck.”

On how he would access his development as a quarterback
“I grew a lot with my throwing motion and stuff like that. I've grown as a leader, as a vocal leader and as a better player on the team. As a team I think we've grown a lot, too.”

On if it was difficult with the defenses last season
“Yeah, it was difficult. Especially with me and Coach Beck, who was confused sometimes, it was hard going into a game trying to figure out what defenses were going to do.”

On if he had any physical limitations going into last season
“I was still hampered from my freshman season, but right now is the best I've felt since my redshirt freshman year.”

On what was bothering him
“Pretty much everything that was nagging me. I actually didn't go into cleats until I think the first day of fall camp.”

On if he will continue to be conservative when running
“I think this year I will be running the ball a lot more, so hopefully our backups will learn a lot more this year and be more experienced from the offense. Hopefully this year I can take more hits and run the ball a lot more.”

On if he has a desired completion percentage in mind
“70 percent or above.”

On why he is so confident in that number
“Just because this is my first time ever in a second-year offense and I think this year the receivers and the tight ends are going to be really good. I actually know where to go with the ball now. I've learned a lot.”

On how the offense has improved over the summer
“Our offense is more based on freedom, based on the coverage they can run a certain route. I pretty much have to know where they are going to be and little stuff like that.”

On what he's seen from quarterback Tommy Armstrong so far
“He's a smart kid and he has a strong arm. Hopefully he can help us out this year, so we'll see what happens.”

On how he's seen his relationship with Coach Bo Pelini over the last three years
“Coach Pelini is like a father figure to me. I've loved him ever since I got on campus and every year it just keeps on growing.”

On how much time he got with Peyton and Eli during the Manning Camp
“Certain times I went up to him to talk and certain times Peyton came up to me to talk. I talked to Archie Manning, Eli Manning and Cooper Manning. I got to hang out with them quite a lot.”

On what advice they gave him that stuck in his head
“Just to keep working hard and everything will come.”