Gun advocates, opponents argue over new bills

 Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Nebraska gun control advocates and opponents are squaring off on a series of new measures in the Legislature.
The Judiciary Committee heard testimony Thursday on three pieces of legislation that would expand gun owner rights and one bill that would limit reckless firing.
The bills would allow for security teams at private schools to carry guns; for lawful aliens and military spouses to meet state residency requirements when applying for a handgun application; and for legal gun owners to store a gun in a vehicle parked outside a business where they’re employed.
A bill by Sen. Jerry Johnson of Wahoo would increase penalties for reckless shooting near buildings or property in smaller towns. The penalties are higher in Omaha and Lincoln.
 The bills are LB60, LB137, LB190 and LB184