Guns stolen from South Lincoln home

By: Kayla Bremer

Lancaster County has had a string of burglaries within the last month, several here in Lincoln within the last week.  In one case, guns were stolen.

The Bades came home from vacation Sunday night and discovered the next morning that multiple items were missing from their home.  The worst part is, someone they know may be responsible.

When they woke up Monday morning, they noticed all ten guns were missing from their gun cabinet.

“Shock and just somewhat of an empty feeling just because so many things are birthday presents, Christmas presents…,” Bob Bade said.

Police and Bade say they think the burglary was an inside job.  Their house sitter had friends over that night, then left for a few hours when the burglary occurred.

“Maybe a friend or something knew she went out and maybe even somebody that she was with clued them into the fact that they were going to be gone and needless to say we were out of state,”  Bade said.

Two more incidents happened Wednesday evening just after 5:30 near the 4800 block of Tipperary Trail.

Police say a neighbor noticed 19–year–old Jared Jones and a 16–year-old trying to break into a home.

“Another neighbor returned home and discovered her home was actually burglarized,” Officer Katie Flood said.  “Two doors had been kicked in with about $280 in small electronics stolen.”

Police say Jones and the teen had all the missing items from the home.  Jones and the 16–year–old were arrested for burglary and attempted burglary.

As for Bade's stolen guns, police are still looking for the person who's responsible.

“I mean it is what it is,” Bade said.  “Would I like to have them back?  Absolutely.  But in the end there's always things that could of happened far worse than this too.”

With all the burglaries, police are saying to be a “good” neighbor and keep your eye out for anything suspicious.  If you notice anything, call the Police Department or Sheriff's Office.

If you have any information on these burglaries, call Crime Stoppers at (402)-475–3600.