H1N1 Virus, Seasonal Flu Vaccine Shortages

Health care clinics around Lincoln have either just a few doses of the flu shot left or have run out completely, including the health department.

The Health Department already went through 700 doses of the seasonal flu shot, which is half the amount they ordered.

There's a shortage of the seasonal flu shot for two reasons: manufacturers switched to making the H1N1 vaccine and more people are choosing to get the seasonal flu shot.

The Health Department went through their doses fast.  Usually around this time they're just starting to give out the shot.

Bruce Dart with the Health Department says, “We ordered a certain amount so we're hoping we'll get the rest of our order.  Right now, our order is about 700 doses.  We're assuming we're going to get it but we don't really know.  This entire flu season, we've been hoping for the best.”

The department says most of the doses of the H1N1 vaccine in Lincoln are gone.  They're still waiting to get this weeks shipment.  The Health Department has no control over when or how many doses they get.

To help you out, there are two great websites you can visit for more information on these vaccines.

For the seasonal flu shot,

www.lincoln.ne.gov , keyword “flu”,has a list of locations that still have the seasonal flu shot.

For the H1N1 shot, visit www.dhhs.ne.gov/influenza/clinics for updated information on the vaccine.