Hallam Residents Meet To Discuss Town’s Future

For the first time since a tornado tore apart their community, Hallam residents held a special meeting Wednesday night. The Village Board and residents met to try and figure out the future. Most Hallam residents have now reached the point where they are ready to re-build. And that brings up a lot of questions.

The main topic was whether Hallam residents should have to abide by building codes used in Lincoln. Most residents of Hallam, which is near the Lancaster/Gage County-line, want their own building codes and inspection regulations.

Other stories also surfaced about a company from Lincoln that was hired to help with clean-up. Some say, the company charged the town for clean-up the residents have done themselves.That bill has come to over $27,000

City, State and Federal officials were on hand to try to help answer some of the questions. Community meetings will be scheduled every other Wednesday for the next few weeks.