Hallamstock Benefit

It was a day of peace, love, and Hallam at Pioneers Park.  “Hallamstock” brought people from all over Southeastern Nebraska together for a day of music, food, and near-perfect weather… All for a very good cause. The day's primary goal was to raise money for Nebraska's tornado victims. And organizers say they also wanted to remind the community there are still a lot people in need of help. Until May 22nd, Danielle, Casee, and Carlie Dragoo had lived in Hallam for all of their young lives. Like so many others, their home was destroyed. But Sunday, their entire family spent the afternoon in Pioneers Park… To say thank you.

Laura Dragoo: “This is amazing. It's just amazing… It really is. We can't say thank you to enough people. We wouldn't be where we're at today without the volunteers and for people helping us. It's just unbelievable.”

The Dragoo family weren't the only Hallam residents at Hallamstock. Tony and Hermine Fisser had lived in their house in Hallam for 58 years before it was demolished by the tornado. They say they miss their Hallam Community… And Sunday felt a little like a reunion.

Hermine Fisser: “We knew there'd be a lot of our friends here and there are. There are a lot of our friends here, so that's kind of helping us.”

The event was the braincild of Lincoln resident Greg Votava, whose band “Paisty Jenny” played at the festival. They were one of four bands that donated their time for Hallamstock… All in hopes of making a difference for Nebraska's tornado victims.

Greg Votava: “Everybody's real enthusiastic about the whole day and just real excited we could attempt to help them out and do everything we can for them.”

About 500 people attended today's event… And they were able to raise over 3,000 dollars.