Harry Connick Jr. Moves to Daytime TV

By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom

Harry Connick Jr., Grammy and Emmy award winning artist, is coming to daytime television.  

You can see him on Channel 8 KLKN-TV. His first shows airs Monday September 12th at 2:00 p.m.  

Harry is taking decades of experience in writing, playing and singing music, and combining it with his acting talents from the big screen, little screen and Broadway, and bringing it to daytime.  

His goals is to give folks a break from the tough topics and tragedies for a few minutes a day.  "There is a lot of good people in this world and a lot of people work really hard for what they have this is a gift to them everyday just to take them to a different place for an hour," says Harry Connick Jr.

Again, Harry airs weekdays on Channel 8 KLKN-TV starting September 12th.