Hassebrook and Osborn run for office

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Last week Governor Dave Heineman announced we would not run for senate. This made the race to replace Senator Mike Johanns wide open.

Republican and former state treasurer Shane Osborn is now a candidate for U.S. Senate. His campaign manager says he filed paperwork with the federal election commission last week.

The chairman of the Nebraska GOP feels Osborn's business and state government experiences give him an advantage in the election.

“When you're able to combine those two you can really use state government better for the success to get jobs, to lure known businesses to the state, that kind of thing, so he has a really good understanding of that,” chairman J.L. Spray said.

Meanwhile, former democratic senate candidate Chuck Hassebrook announced his plans to run for governor.

Hassebrook hopes to bring a more liberal voice to Nebraska.

“When one party dominates things, that party becomes less accountable and it gets taken over by the extremes, so it's important to have a real two–party system in Nebraska,” he said.

Though the state is a primarily conservative one, he believes he can accomplish more working in Lincoln, than working in Washington.

“Nebraska state government is a place you can still get things done. There's times state government here gets more partisan than it should, but still people manage Nebraska to get together, to work across party lines and govern,” Hassebrook said.

 Hassebrook plans to make his announcement to run for governor official at a press conference in Lyons on Tuesday.

As for Osborn, the official announcement should happen shortly.