Hastings Police Officer rewarded for saving life

The city of Hastings is honoring one of its police officers for his heroic actions last month.   The Medal of Valor goes to Officer Michael Doremus for a night in April when he rushed into a burning home in Hastings. Officer Michael Doremus's dash cam was one of the first on the scene April 22 when this Hastings home went up in flames.

“In the middle of the night the mom came running out, I don't think she knew what was going on, she came running out through the flames, I heard her say something about my baby, my baby, still inside and that time it was just instinct I put my foot through he window and broke it out,” Officer Doremus said.

Officer Doremus, says as soon as he got in, he worked his way thru the flames, grabbed the baby, put a blanket over her head and ran out. Seconds later part of the roof collapsed.  He saved 23 month old Lily just in time, and reunited with her mom Elizabeth Uher. The next day as she picked through what was left, Elizabeth had just personally thanked Officer Doremus for saving her little girl's life.

“It was all hugs and tears, I mean there's nothing you can really say to somebody for saving your child's life,” Uher said.

Now it's not just a grateful mom, but the entire city of Hastings honoring Officer Doremus, with the medal of Valor for his bravery that night. Still, this hero is humble about the whole thing.

“Like everybody says you never know what you're going to get at night when you're a officer, things can change it was a quiet night until that happened, it changes at the drop of a hat,” Officer Doremus said.

We talked to the Hastings Police Chief who said Officer Doremus wasn't acting alone that night.  He was able to run into the house because his partner Officer Craig Walton kept things under control on the outside. Officer Walton got the medal of Merit.