Havelock Residents Raise Concern Over Recent Fires

Havelock residents say a home at 61st and Kearney that's caught fire twice this month, Isn't the only abandoned one in their neighborhood to go up in flames.

When the house at 61st and Kearney caught fire back on April first, Investigators ruled it arson since it's been empty for three years. On Friday it burned again, this time to the ground. But neighbors say since last July more than three homes have burned down in the area.  One caught fire last July fourth.  Dee Simmons says “we're really afraid somebody's just going to be in their bed and the people that are doing this will not know that and somebody's going to be killed or seriously hurt.”

Not all were ruled arson but at least one other was in a vacant home. Simmons says many are now keeping a close eye on their neighborhood.