Haymarket shop reopens after partial roof collapse

After a stressful two weeks, a shop in the Haymarket is getting back to business.

A partial roof collapse at the Huber Building hit a sprinkler system, causing water to gush into several businesses below.

Connie Mahaney owns From Nebraska Gift Shop and is ready to be back in business.  She says, “we're looking forward to just being open again and helping people with their souvenirs.”

She says she was worried about the damage at first but is glad it wasn't worse.  “When you think about it, we were really pretty lucky, I guess.  As catastrophes go, we did pretty good.”

That's not to say there isn't still some damage left behind, there are some cracks in the walls and a freezer that won't freeze.

But for customers, a little mishap is actually making their day.  From Nebraska Gift Shop is selling some wines on sale.  Customer Jennifer Thorpe says, “when I heard about it, I was more excited because I really like trying new wines and so this is a way to try new wines.”

It's not bad, it's just wine that was left in unattended room temperatures next to books that were a little wrinkled up from water.

Connie says she's happy to have the sale.  “It's good now that we can finally open the doors and say, 'come on in.'”

The Haymarket Theater is still not usable and won't be for anywhere for the next month or two.