Haymarket Theatre to reopen

The first play at the newly renovated Haymarket Theatre opens Friday night.  The director of the play says it's a rebirth for him, and the theatre.

A construction zone for the last few months, the Haymarket Theatre is finally becoming a theatre again.  With a new ticket booth installed, carpeting, seats and now a new production in dress rehearsal, all that's needed is an audience.  General Manager Harmony Rea says, “It's really come together, but I would say about two days ago, we were all sitting here going, 'oh my goodness, how are we going to do this? we need a theatre miracle!'  And it happened.”

It's been a long journey since last July, when a partial roof collapse and a burst water pipe forced the theatre to shut down.  Since then they've been painting, installing, and renovating a big part of a century old building.  Director Daniel Kubert says, “It's been amazing to be building an original work in a theatre that is literally being reborn around me.  These people coming together and to come in and see people just putting up floors and windows and chairs.  It's just so exciting.”

During renovations, Daniel Kubert and his crew have been rehearsing for his original theater and dance piece called “The Lonely Book.”

Kubert wrote it while undergoing chemotherapy for Hodkins Lymphoma and he says it's about finding comfort and peace within yourself.  “I wanted to do a benefit and I like my art to be done as a benefit because there are so many things that need attention and the arts really can draw a community together. And make a stronger, more stable, fertile community.”

The show opens Friday night.  While there are still a few finishing touches that need to go up in the theatre, they're planning a reopening celebration in February where they'll have food and be giving tours of the new space.