Haz-mat Crews Called To Russ’s Market on Washington Street

Haz-mat crews and several fire-units were called to the Russ's Market grocery store at 17th and Washington Sunday evening.  It was all because of an odor in the building that could have been a health hazard.  Many shoppers had to be evacuated after the smell of a potentially harmful substance seeped into the store. Some complained of being light headed….the cause was a cement sealent being used in one of the back rooms. Lincoln firefighters and health department officials were called in, because the vapors in the air could be hazardous to some.  Some employees were treated for precautionary reasons…no one was treated for any serious symptoms. The hazardous material is not believed to effect any of the products inside, but Russ's Market President, Pat Raybould, says they will take all precautions.