Health and Safety Expo held at the Railyard

A health themed expo was held downtown at the Railyard this afternoon.

The health and safety expo was put on by the Lancaster county safe kids task force.

There was a great turnout as 26 different organizations had booths set up to teach families some safety and health tips.

Even the Lincoln police department got involved.

"It’s exciting for us to come out here and see the kids, spend time with the kids," said LPD Officer Alex Stover

Another booth put on by Madonna Hospitals taught kids the importance of wearing their seat belt.

An egg was used to represent the brain when a collision takes place.

The kids had quite the reaction when the egg broke.

"Some of them are like, wow that is kind of cool, but then they are like oh wow that could happen to me. Parents enjoy seeing it also so they teach their kids why they have to wear their seat belts when they’re in the car," said Kristen Luethke, who is on the child passenger safety task force.

Kids in attendance also learn the importance of exercising… Like doing a push up or a squat.

LES even did a presentation on the dangers of getting too close to a fallen power line.

"Anytime you can tap into a community like this and bring people out and give them something for free to do on a day. It’s just added entertainment that they can come down, and it provides a service, and we are happy to do that," said Railyard general manager Brian Krajewski.

Railyard officials say they hope to make this event an tradition. Hundreds of families came out to enjoy the free event today.