Health care reaction

All three of Nebraska’s republican congressman voted for the new healthcare plan.

"A no vote would have been to forgo the possibility of legislative change," said Representative Jeff Fortenberry.

Representative Fortenberry says this is the first step in the right direction, but some people here in Lincoln think it was the wrong step. They held a protest outside of his Lincoln office. 

"We want to let him know that this decision goes against what Nebraskans want and need," protester, Kate Dwyer said.

One of the highly debated topics of this bill revolved around health care for preexisting conditions.

"The bill does protect those with preexisting conditions and it basically shifts from a one size fits all Washington driven mechanism, to more authority for the states," said Fortenberry.

"Coverage for preexisting conditions is something that is essential for thousands of Nebraskans, including myself, and eliminating that coverage would have catastrophic effects," Dwyer said.

One thing both sides do agree on, change is needed.

"We’re hoping that congress works together to improve the ACA. We know that people do have issues with it and those are definitely valid," protester, Eleanor Dollear said.

"The current health care system helps some, but hurts many others. We need to get to the point where it is fair for everyone," said Fortenberry.

This still has to be approved in the senate.