Health insurance enrollment deadline approaching

By: Jenn Hatcher


State Sen. Jeremy Nordquist, alongside fellow state senators, discussed the
importance of getting health care coverage and the upcoming March 31 deadline
for individuals  to enroll in a plan in the Marketplace for coverage starting in
“My personal enrollment on was very simple and took me about
20 minutes,” Nordquist said. “The days of long insurance applications asking for
your complete medical history are gone. Under the Affordable Care Act, I know
that my application cannot be denied for a preexisting condition and, once
enrolled, my policy cannot be taken away if I get sick.”
Nordquist said that as of the end of February, over 25,000 Nebraskans had
enrolled in the Marketplace; thirty-seven percent were under the age of 35 and
87 percent had received some sort of tax credit.
Representatives from community action groups and federally qualified health
centers also discussed the enrollment process and how to utilize appropriate
resources to get health insurance coverage on the Marketplace.
“With only a week left to enroll, Community Action Agencies all across
Nebraska are available to make the process as easy as possible for Nebraskans,”
said Community Action of Nebraska Executive Director Amber Hansen. “Our
experience has been that most people are pleasantly surprised by the ease and
affordability of obtaining health insurance through the new Marketplace.”
The deadline for coverage to take effect in 2014 is Monday, March 31.
Individuals who do not enroll by the deadline cannot get private health
insurance inside the Marketplace until the next open enrollment period
Individuals who remain uninsured may be subject to pay on their 2015 income
taxes a fee of either one percent of their income or $95 per adult ($47.50 per
child), whichever is higher. Health plans outside the open enrollment period can
be purchased if certain qualifications are met for a special enrollment
“Last week alone, there were between 800,000 and 900,000 visits per day to,” Nordquist said. “Interest in getting health insurance coverage
is peaking, so Nebraskans should enroll soon.”
To get enrolled in the Marketplace, visit Trained
navigators are available to assist individuals, families and small businesses
purchasing health insurance coverage through the Marketplace. Local navigators
can be found at or by
calling 402-471-3714. Local help can be found throughout Nebraska by going to and clicking on the link “Find Local Help,” then entering a zip